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Elisabeth Pilkington Ratiu Mental Health Award

Established by the Ratiu Family Charitable Foundation and Rațiu Center for Democracy in honor of Elisabeth Pilkington Rațiu, who helped initiate, and served as Chair of the Kensington and Chelsea Branch of MIND, a mental health advocacy organization in London, U.K.

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Ion Ratiu Journalism Award

Ion Ratiu Journalism Award was launched in 2015 to promote investigative journalism and journalists. The first privately-owned daily to be launched after the 1989 revolution, Cotidianul (The Daily) was founded in 1991 by Ion Ratiu. Formerly a journalist at the BBC, Raţiu, who later rose to become an eminent figure in Romanian politics, established Cotidanul as non-aligned, moderate and objective.

Legal Academy

“Vedem Just” Association initiated this project to educate young people to know their rights and their responsibilities, understand how the legal system in Romania works, how responsible and active citizens behave and what the best way to act is in different situations they might find themselves in.

Change Architects
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